" great appetite, Marley immediately jumped on the croquettes offered in his bowl. "

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Shiba inus, 3 years old


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"I like the composition of the product and above all ecological commitment ."

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Jack Russell, 7 years old


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“Since Naya eats these kibbles his hair is softer and shinier !"

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Labrador, 1 year old


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" No allergy for Poutchi who is quite complicated on that side."

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Jack Russell, 2 years old


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" from KOOKAPI makes all the difference for us!"

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"My dog adore KOOKAPI. She even sorts through her bowl with the old ones that she leaves aside!

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German Spitz, 1 year old


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For sensitive, intolerant or allergic dogs

We eliminate common allergens : no meat, no fish, no gluten.

With the insect as the sole source of animal protein.

For tasty and hypoallergenic croquettes.

Homme qui caresse son chien, tous les deux allongés sur un oreiller

To reduce meat consumption...like you!

Are you vegetarian, vegan or simply flexitarian?

Do you want to offer him a less meaty and just as nutritious alternative ?

Because diversifying protein sources is also good for the planet!

Femme assise qui caresse son chien

For the respect of his personality and his well-being

Because the dog is not a toy or an object.
He is a sensitive being with an emotional impact on the family which is very positive.

So for him, eating should be a moment of pleasure: his well-being depends on the bowl!

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Reconciling animal welfare & sustainable development

All our decisions take care to respond to the social, societal and environmental challenge

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1% of our turnover is donated to combat animal abuse and abandonment

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Because dogs and cats represent 20% of global meat consumption!

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Less energy-consuming, plants, insects and algae preserve natural resources and biodiversity

Our engagements

Kookapi insect croquettes, who are they for?

Are you looking for a healthier way to feed your dog?

KOOKAPI innovates and offers you insect kibbles for adult dogs and puppies whose recipes have been developed with the help of recognized veterinarians. At KOOKAPI, we think above all about the well-being of the animal by placing its needs as a priority. We offer complete recipes based on insect proteins. Founded by a group of animal and nature enthusiasts, with more than 20 years of experience in the animal world, our French start-up offers you an unconventional form of nutrition that aims to reconcile animal well-being. with the sustainable environment. And if you are still wondering why your companion should try our insect croquettes, discover our recipes and their health benefits without delay!

Are you an eco-conscious dog parent? Are you convinced that your animal is a real carnivore, but that it is necessary to limit its meat consumption?

Then KOOKAPI insect kibbles are the perfect alternative for you and your companion. Croquettes for dogs with insects, croquettes for puppies with insects, croquettes with insect proteins, croquettes with algae, croquettes with cereals, organic croquettes or even vegan croquettes, look no further, because with us, you have found the sharp and transparent formulation what your dog needs.

Does your dog suffer from food allergies or does he have a sensitive digestive system?

KOOKAPI kibbles for dogs are specially designed to facilitate the digestion of your canine companion and are suitable for all breeds. We offer a special recipe for adult dogs and another specially designed for puppies and for pregnant or nursing female dogs. In addition, you should know that all our snacks and all our quality dog ​​food are made in France.

Kookapi tailor-made nutrition, what is it?

Kookapi insect kibbles allow you to offer tailor-made, quality nutrition to your companion. Indeed, we offer you complete, healthy and balanced recipes that contain all the elements your pet needs to stay healthy and that exclude all the ingredients that could harm its well-being:
• ultra-digestible proteins from the black soldier fly (twice as rich in protein as beef);
• 18 amino acids;
• super foods such as insects, quinoa, brewer's yeast, algae, plants;
• no gluten;
• no GMOs;
• no animal by-products;
• no synthetic additives.

Our balanced recipes are both healthy and appetizing. They will help you avoid overweight problems in your pet, because it is important that your companion stays in shape and this goes through the choice of his food!

Why should you offer Kookapi insect kibble to your dog?

Our insect croquettes improve your pet's intestinal transit and minimize the risk of allergic reactions. But that's not all, they have many other advantages for your quadruped!

A formula that offers all the advantages of BARF

BARF, or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, is a natural food alternative. This mode of nutrition is adapted to the needs of dogs, cats or ferrets. It allows you to feed your pet as if it were living in the wild. It is a carnivorous protein-based diet that respects the dog's digestive system.

A recipe that meets the needs of your carnivore

As a responsible dog parent, you are well aware that your dog is not just a ball of hair, it is a whole being. Indeed, your companion is an animal which in the wild would choose to cover a third of its energy needs with proteins. Your dog is therefore a strict carnivore who, like his cousin the wolf, needs to meet his physiological needs.

A solution against animal protein allergies

Many dogs are allergic to animal proteins found in conventional kibble. To fight against these food allergies while providing all the protein the animal needs, the ideal is to switch to a flexitarian diet (reduction of meat consumption). In this sense, Kookapi insect protein-based dog food is the perfect alternative for your companion!

What do Kookapi insect kibbles contain?

Kookapi's nutritional biases are strong. You should know that all our recipes are formulated with the help of our nutritionist and veterinarian partners. Our main objective is to offer the best to your animals. This is why the composition of our insect protein kibble has been studied by real animal food specialists.
Noble nutrients, natural ingredients, brewer's yeast, hemp, insects and micro-algae, we make every effort to develop recipes that are both delicious and daring for your dog. You won't find them anywhere else.
Because "we are what we eat", at Kookapi, we believe that your dog must be healthy in order to be happy. And if your companion is happy and feels good, your whole family will be happier!

Kookapi insect croquettes under the magnifying glass

At Kookapi, there are no long ingredient lists. We offer you a sharp and transparent formulation that does not contain GMOs, gluten or chemical additives and above all contains the sufficient amount of vitamins to protect your animal's immune system. Here is what you will find in your dog's insect kibble:
• 32% dehydrated insects;
• 32% rice;
• 12% faba bean;
• 6% sunflower oil.
And to cover all your animal's needs, the recipe also includes flax, brewer's yeast, clay, plants, microalgae, potassium chloride and dicalcium phosphate.
We love animals so much that we also worked on the shape of our insect croquettes. Indeed, the croquettes are generally square or round while the Kookapi croquettes have an almond shape. You should know that this form offers better chewing and therefore allows the dog to digest better.

What are Kookapi's ambitions?

Kookapi has no shortage of ambitions to reconcile animal love and well-being with sustainable development. Our brand launched in 2021 is revolutionizing the canine food sector in France.

Indeed, we have seen several problems in the animal feed industry including:
• The consumption of meat for animals which generates as much greenhouse gas as 14 million vehicles in circulation. It therefore has a negative impact on the environment;
• Pet parents who want to offer their dogs healthier foods, but find it difficult to find recipes that are suitable for their companions;
• An increase in the number of veterinary consultations for food intolerances or for digestive problems or allergies.

Faced with these paradigms, we decided to challenge ourselves and take them up in order to innovate in the dog food industry in France. And after hard work, we are happy to be able to offer you insect croquettes that are healthy, digestible, complete, balanced, rich in protein, eco-responsible and above all delicious!

What are KOOKAPI's commitments?

Kookapi is a committed brand, which is why the packaging of our insect croquettes is made of recycled papier-mâché and the glue on our labels does not contain plastic or petroleum. Our kibble bags are therefore 100% eco-responsible.

In addition, our distribution system is voluntarily shorter to promote direct relations and to pursue our environmental commitment.
Also, we have created a real community of enthusiasts and professionals in which all members share their knowledge to increase the well-being of our animals.
We also actively fight against animal abuse alongside shelters, trainers, associations, veterinarians and nutritionists.

Finally, know that we are one of the few dog food brands to have received the "1% for animals" label. Kookapi therefore undertakes to donate 1% of sales of insect kibble to groups for the protection and preservation of the animal cause.
So don't wait any longer to give your companion a taste of Kookapi insect croquettes!