KOOKAPI patron of "1% for animals"!

KOOKAPI patron of " 1% for animals" !

As a sponsor of this Label, we undertake to donate 1% of our turnover in the form of a donation.

Thanks to donations, the Label carries out major projects every year to protect animals and their habitats.

Created by the YouCare association, the label has 4 main missions:

‣ Preserve and recreate the natural habitat of wild animals

‣ Protect, care for and find a family for abused or abandoned pets

‣ Work internationally to protect threatened or endangered wildlife species

‣ Carry out animal rescues around the world

These 4 main missions are in harmony with our mission at KOOKAPI:


We are convinced that whatever family structure we belong to, dogs and cats make us stronger and more fulfilled. Pets have a positive emotional impact within the family.

We condemn all cruelty to animals, as well as the massive use of meat and fish from intensive farming practices.

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