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Raising awareness to fight abandonment

Adoptions are increasing as much as abandonments...

As we know, as parents or friends of dogs, you are, like us, concerned about the well-being of your pets .

Even before talking about animal nutrition, animal welfare is one of the reasons for the existence of KOOKAPI .

The good news is that pet adoptions have been at an all-time high for over two years. The bad ? Unfortunately, the same goes for abandonment and abuse.

Unpreparedness of the new masters (at this stage who can still speak of "parents") lack of time, money, immaturity and even going on vacation are all causes of abandonment.

This is the reason why, on the last Saturday of June, June 25, traditionally the first of the mass departures on vacation is that of the world day against the abandonment of pets.

Abandonment, an offense against which we must mobilize

It is not sufficiently well known but the abandonment of animals has been a crime since 1976. It is even considered an act of cruelty, in the same way as animal abuse, and can be punished by 2 years of imprisonment and 30 €000 fine.

In France alone, more than 100,000 animals would be abandoned. The unprecedented climate change we are going through - heat waves and recurring heat waves - may not help the safety and good health of our companions.

This day, supported by many animal protection associations (the SPA, but also the YouCare association, of which we are a patron) is intended to raise public and public authority awareness of this injustice.

At KOOKAPI we are convinced of this: to commit to animal welfare and against abandonment is to promote our emotional and benefactor bond with our pets.

As there are not only big actions but above all many small gestures, we all have a role to play. We are counting on you to relay this message and raise awareness among your loved ones.

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