Beagle croquettes: which ones to choose?

Which kibbles for a Beagle dog?

Beagles , like other dog breeds , have their dietary peculiarities. In this article we will tell you how the diet of this type of dog should be. Indeed, you should not choose any croquettes for Beagle, because the insatiable voracity of this breed can become a problem. This is an obedient dog, but when it comes to eating, the Beagle has a hard time controlling himself.

How should you feed a Beagle?

Despite their ability to eat huge amounts of food, the correct amount of kibble should vary depending on the size, age and weight of the dog. Dogs of this breed weigh between 9 and 18 kilos and measure about 40 cm. The Beagle is therefore a medium-sized dog .

The first important step in feeding this medium breed dog is to get him used to a certain amount of food, because if it were up to him, he would eat all the time. It is very important to start working on this when the dog is still a puppy . It should not be given more than one-fifth of its weight at each meal.

What type of food for a Beagle puppy?

It is at this stage that the puppy must be fed with intensity, to grow and stay healthy. You should start giving puppy food to your Beagle when he is at least 40 days old. You should know that he will be considered a puppy until the age of 12 months, that is to say that he will become an adult dog when he reaches the age of 1 year.

At this stage, the ideal is to give junior kibble or puppy kibble . These are dry pet foods that are made exclusively to meet the basic nutritional needs of puppies.

Remember that puppies have fragile or even undeveloped teeth, so we recommend moistening dry food with water so that they have easier chewing .

How much kibble for a Beagle puppy?

The amount of kibble you should give your puppy per day depends on the stage he is in and the composition of the kibble.


Dose of kibble

2 months


3-4 months


5 months


6 months


7-8 months


10-12 months


From 2 to 4 months , you will have to distribute the daily dose of croquettes over 4 meals . From 4 to 6 months , it will be necessary to pass to 3 meals per day. And at 6 months , the dog will only be able to eat 2 meals a day.

What is the best food for a Beagle puppy?

When choosing dry food for your Beagle puppy , make sure it contains the following nutrients:

  • a high percentage of protein: your energetic dog needs protein to maintain all his vitality. Protein is essential for muscle growth;
  • calcium and phosphorus: this is vital for the development of the bone structure and to avoid the appearance of problems in the joints of the puppy;
  • antioxidants: this will help strengthen the puppy's immune system.

The best kibble for a Beagle puppy should have at least 38% protein , 20% fat, and 5% fiber . The recipe must contain very few carbohydrates or none at all. Indeed, many parents prefer to opt for grain-free kibble to avoid food allergies . And for your little Beagle to be fully satisfied, opt for protein-rich croquettes based on chicken, turkey or even salmon.

What type of food for an adult Beagle dog?

The quantities you provide your Beagle should be proportional to the physical activity to which he is subjected each day. You will notice that the Beagle is a breed with an insatiable appetite. That's why, you shouldn't be surprised if at the end of the food ration , he looks at you for more.

But you must not give in to his tender gaze. This is crucial for a healthy and controlled diet and to avoid weight disorders such as canine overweight and obesity . If your canine friend is overweight or you think he's too thin, don't hesitate to consult your veterinarian .

How much kibble should you give an adult Beagle?

As an adult, your dog's food ration can be divided into one or two meals, keeping in mind that you must take into account your pet 's level of physical activity .

Physical activity

Dose of kibble per day







What is the best food for an adult Beagle?

When choosing kibbles for the adult Beagle , you should select those of the highest quality and those that contain the following nutrients :

  • a high percentage of protein: as we mentioned at the puppy stage, this component is vital for the development of the dog and as an adult it will also need a high level of protein to stay in shape;
  • calcium and phosphorus: these minerals must be present for the dog's health, so check that they are well incorporated into the recipe;
  • amino acids: these acids are essential for bones and skin, and they help your Beagle maintain a shiny coat.

Good kibbles for Beagle should not contain seeds , gluten or cereals . They must contain proteins of animal origin (at least 35%). Indeed, your canine friend is a carnivore , so he will need meat . Chicken, turkey, whole herring, chicken liver, chicken heart, lamb, beef, any meat or any fish will delight your Beagle.

What type of food for a senior Beagle dog?

The old age stage of the Beagle begins at around 8 years old . It is now time to opt for the dry food of the senior range . Keep in mind that being a breed that is characterized by its energy, a Beagle can accompany you for about 15 years . Its lifespan will depend on the care you provide it and especially the food you offer it. We can only advise you to prefer premium quality croquettes to all low-end croquettes.

- Feeding an older Beagle dog

The amount of food is the same as you provided as an adult (one or two servings a day). What changes is the composition of the food and how you provide it. The shape is similar to that of the puppy. Moisten the food so it can be chewed easily .

If you give him kibble, make sure it's easy to digest. A senior Beagle's diet should contain moderate levels of high biological value protein , controlled levels of fats rich in essential fatty acids , vitamin supplements and carefully controlled mineral levels.

If your Beagle has liver disease, kidney disease, or diabetes, please consult your veterinarian to determine the best feeding option .

What budget to feed a Beagle dog?

Finally, know that to feed your Snoopy all year round, you will need a budget of around 500 euros . This will cost you about 40 euros per month just for feeding your dog. Be aware that you won't be able to save money on your dog's food . Because if you opt for cheap kibble , it is very likely that the dog will fall ill or have digestive problems . This will ultimately cost you more in vet bills .

In other words, before adopting a Beagle , or another breed of dog , understand that you will have to plan a certain budget to be able to take care of your faithful friend throughout his life.

Beagle kibble FAQ:

  • What kibble ration for an adult Beagle?

An adult Beagle should eat between 150 and 250 grams of kibble per day depending on their weight, size, brand of kibble and level of physical activity.

  • How to satiate a Beagle?

If the kibble ration does not seem to satisfy your Beagle, you can complete the dose given by adding vegetables rich in water and fiber, cooked in the bowl. Thus, your animal will be more satiated without necessarily getting bigger.

  • Which bowl for a Beagle?

Your dog's bowl must be of high quality and it must be easy to clean. The ideal would be to buy a stainless steel bowl for your Beagle.

  • What kibble ration for a Beagle puppy?

Between 2 and 3 months, the Beagle puppy must eat 80 grams of kibble per day spread over 4 meals. Between 4 months and 6 months, the puppy must eat 120g of croquettes spread over 3 meals.

  • What treats to give a Beagle?

If you want to give dog treats to your Beagle, give preference to chewable ossicles. They are rich in meat and very popular with these medium-sized dogs.