Australian Shepherd kibbles: which ones to choose for your dog?

What kibbles should you give an Australian Shepherd dog?

Diet is one of the most important aspects to take into account when taking care of a dog. Indeed, nutrition is the basis for maintaining animal health . This is especially important in the case of medium sized dog breeds . If you are the proud parent of an Australian Shepherd , also known as an Aussie , you know how affectionate this animal is and how active it can be. This is a hard-working, agile and intelligent dog that constantly needs to be kept busy. To keep this canine friend healthy , it's important to choose his food wisely . This is why, in the rest of this article, we will explain how to choose the right kibble for an Australian Shepherd.

What are the nutritional needs of the Australian Shepherd?

Australian Shepherds, like all dog breeds , can suffer from certain health issues. Some of these disorders can be limited through diet. Among them are:

  • hip dysplasia;
  • skin diseases;
  • eye problems.
  • Based on these issues, food or kibble for medium to large breeds, such as the Australian Shepherd, must allow the dog to maintain a balanced weight (between 17 and 32 kilos) to limit the pressure on the joints. This will limit the occurrence of related problems. Australian Shepherd kibble should also be supplemented with chondroprotectors , to maintain joint health and prevent and limit the development of problems such as hip dysplasia or osteoarthritis .

    Likewise, your dog's kibble should contain the right vitamins to ensure your Australian Shepherd's eye health . Similarly, an intake of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids brings many benefits for the skin and coat, with anti-inflammatory properties, which limit the appearance of skin diseases .

    How to feed an Australian Shepherd puppy?

    Specific needs vary over the years. Therefore, you should categorize the diet according to the life stage of the dog. The Australian Shepherd puppy grows rapidly throughout its youth, that is, until about 12 months old. However, he will still be able to grow up to around 16 months.

    Therefore, food for the Australian Shepherd puppy must be high in calories to accommodate this rapid growth and allow the dog to grow while maintaining good health and strong bones. It is also important that the food contains high quality protein for the proper development of muscle mass. These dogs tend to do a lot of physical activity. They therefore need a high energy and nutritional intake .

    The ideal for this dog is to buy croquettes specially designed for Australian Shepherds. These croquettes are generally rich in proteins of animal origin and contain good cereals.

    It's good to understand that your little Australian Shepherd has high protein needs . It is important to choose dry foods that have a high level of animal protein .

    The quantity of kibbles for Australian Shepherd puppies

    Here is the amount of kibble to give your puppy according to his age:

    • for a puppy from 2 to 3 months: 150g in 3 meals;
    • for a puppy of 4 to 5 months: 225g in 3 meals;
    • for a puppy of 6 to 8 months: 295g in 3 meals;
    • for a puppy aged 9 to 11 months: 350g in 2 meals;
    • for a puppy from 12 to 16 months: 350g in 2 meals.

    How to feed an adult Australian Shepherd?

    In the case of the adult dog , food and nutrition remain important points so that the animal remains in good health and so that it can enjoy a longer life. In these dogs, the puppy can already weigh 25 kilos or more. Knowing when to switch to adult dog food is important. Indeed, it is essential, as the diet of puppies is the basis of growth and rapid change can lead to problems.

    For this breed, ideally, the transition to adult food should take place at 16 months. Due to its athletic and sporty character, the Australian Shepherd needs suitable kibble that guarantees the maintenance of this energy. Food, based on kibble for medium dogs or for large dogs , must be of high quality to avoid skin problems and eye disorders. The inclusion of essential vitamins and fatty acids is therefore of particular interest.

    The kibbles for an Australian Shepherd must also contain a large amount of protein. In addition, the proteins must be of high quality and of high biological value . In other words, to feed an Australian Shepherd, you have to buy premium kibble . You should also avoid buying kibble that contains too many carbohydrates .

    To make the right choice, opt for grain-free kibbles or high-protein kibbles . You can also alternate with moist food such as dog food, provided it is rich in quality meat. It is also possible to reward your adult Australian Shepherd with dog treats but without overdoing it to avoid overweight or obesity.

    The amount of kibble for an adult Australian Shepherd dog

    The Australian Shepherd reaches adulthood between 12 and 16 months. From then on, he can eat 350 g of kibble per day in 1 or 2 meals.

    How to feed a senior Australian Shepherd?

    The senior Australian Shepherd tends to put on weight. This is due to the fact that his metabolism is running slower simply because he is exercising much less. For this reason, from the age of 8 or 9 years , it is recommended to use a food for senior dogs with a lower fat content. Due to this breed's tendency to suffer from hip dysplasia, this point is very important.

    On the other hand, for the dog to keep a shiny coat , it should be given kibbles with a high content of high quality proteins. Older dogs tend to lose muscle mass , protein helps keep them healthy longer. If you give quality senior dog food to your Australian Shepherd, his immune system will be stronger, he will have fewer sight problems or skin problems. It is also necessary to favor natural dog food.

    The amount of kibble for a senior Australian Shepherd dog

    Knowing that an older dog will exercise less, it will be necessary to reduce the kibble rations a little to avoid overweight. You can give between 280 and 300 g of kibble per day in 2 meals to your Australian Shepherd. It is better to divide the ration into 2 intakes to avoid digestive problems.

    What budget to feed an Australian Shepherd?

    An Australian Shepherd is a dog that requires a certain monthly budget. It will take between 50 and 70 euros per month to provide him with quality food. If in doubt about the choice of croquettes for your Australian Shepherd, do not hesitate to consult your veterinarian , he will be able to advise you best.

    Australian Shepherd dog food FAQ:

    • What is the best diet for an Australian Shepherd?

    To feed an Australian Shepherd, the ideal is to give him dog food rich in protein. It is also possible to give him homemade meals or dog food. It is only necessary to respect the ration of proteins which it needs.

    • How much does an Australian Shepherd weigh?

    An Australian Shepherd weighs between 17 and 32 kilos when fully grown. Its weight and size vary according to sex (male or female).

    • What are the benefits of wet food for an Australian Shepherd? 

    Just like kibble, wet food can keep an Australian Shepherd well nourished. The advantage of wet food is that it allows the dog to stay hydrated while eating because the mash contains 70% water. Some also have more appetite for wet food than for kibble.

    • How to feed an active Australian Shepherd? 

    If your Australian Shepherd dog is very active and does a lot of physical exercise, then it will be necessary to offer him a little more carbohydrates. The ideal is to give white rice and avoid corn.