Medium dog croquettes: how to choose them?

Which medium dog food should I choose?

Medium, or medium, is usually the most common thing for dogs that live in cities. An average adult dog generally has a good strength ratio and easy handling for walking or running. It is perfect for homeowners who seek companionship and protection in their home. So, if you're the proud parent of a medium-sized dog , find out how to choose his diet wisely so he can get all the vitamins he needs to keep his immune system strong. In the rest of this article, we will explain how to choose kibble for medium dogs .

What is a medium sized dog?

A dog is one of the average breeds, or medium, if its weight is between 10 kg and 30 kg . Some of the most popular medium dog breeds are:

  • American Staffordshire Terrier;
  • barbet;
  • Basenji;
  • Norman Artesian Basset;
  • Beagle;
  • Australian shepherd ;
  • Border Collies;
  • French Bulldog ;
  • Bull Terrier;
  • Pug;
  • Chow chow ;
  • Cocker Spaniel;
  • Brittany Spaniel;
  • Labrador Retrievers;
  • Samoyed;
  • Shar Pei;
  • Shiba Inus;
  • German Spitz;
  • Whippet.

  • What factors should be taken into account when feeding a medium-sized dog?

    As with other dog sizes, a dry and wet meal should be chosen based on the age of the animal . Adjusting calories and micronutrients will prevent possible illnesses such as overweight . To take care of your canine friend , it will be necessary to offer him complete food of Premium quality as well as a balanced food according to his race.

    - The size

    Foods designed for medium breeds should be sized to fit the diameter of the dog 's mouth and the strength of their bite . In other words, the kibbles for medium dogs have a different size from the others. It also provides a textured yet robust food that promotes good chewing and prevents choking . The size of the kibble is also important so that the dog does not suffer from digestive disorders . This is all the more important for senior dogs who need special nutrition.

    - The amount

    The amount of food for a medium-sized dog should be calculated based on the dog's activity and daily life. But the general recommendation is between 190g and 310g of kibble per meal. But there may be variations. An adult medium breed dog usually eats twice a day . If in doubt, do not hesitate to consult your veterinarian to find out more about products for adult dogs and puppies as well as prices. Note that you can also buy the croquettes in batches.

    - The quality

    If the food is of good quality , the dog will feel satiated, energetic, will have a shiny coat and he will be less likely to suffer from cavities or digestive problems . Finally, a balanced diet will alternate dry and wet meals to benefit from the advantages of both.

    In any case, the ideal is to avoid foods with an excessive cereal composition , artificial flavors , added sugars or flavor enhancers . Finally, snacks and rewards should only provide 10% of the diet's total calories. Thus, you will avoid canine obesity .

    How to feed a medium sized puppy?

    Medium breed puppies need special food until they are 1 year old . Their nutritional levels won't be as high as large breeds , but small breed formulas won't work for them.

    It is therefore recommended to choose croquettes for medium puppies , or junior croquettes , which guarantee the quality of their nutrients . Medium puppy food should be high in protein , especially in the growth phase, as medium breeds complete their bone development after their first year of life. Your canine friend's diet should be chosen carefully.

    It is essential to feed the puppy well during the first 12 months of its life with food adapted to its size and weight. The protein content must be between 25 and 40% at least, depending on the type of kibble with or without cereals .

    Besides, it is best to avoid including grains in the diet of the average puppy. We must not forget that he would not eat it in the wild. Fat levels should be between 14-20 % . Finally, do not hesitate to adjust the quantities of kibble according to the activity and energy of the dog.

    An average dog 's diet isn't difficult to manage properly as long as you choose the right kibble . Plus, your veterinarian can always recommend the food that best suits your faithful friend 's nutritional needs .

    FAQs on kibbles for medium dogs:

    • How much kibble should you give your average dog?

    An average adult dog of 25 kilos should eat between 275 and 425 grams of kibble per day depending on their activity level.

    • What kibbles should be given to a medium-sized adult dog?

    For a medium-sized adult dog, the ideal is to give kibbles rich in protein which will be more digestible and which offer a good protein/fat ratio.

    • Why is my dog ​​always hungry?

    If your dog is bulimic, chances are he's overly stressed from boredom. He may also suffer from polyphagia, or the problem may come from kibbles that do not meet his needs. If you have changed kibble and found activities to combat boredom and the problem persists, consult your veterinarian.

    • How do you know if a medium sized dog is too skinny?

    If the dog's ribs are visible and he doesn't seem to have enough fat around his waist, then your pet may be too thin.