Chihuahua croquettes: how to choose them?

What kibbles should you give a Chihuahua?

Chihuahuas are very energetic little dogs, so they have special needs in their diet. Considered the smallest dog breed in the world , the Chihuahua is a big protector in a tiny body. But despite its small size , this dog needs a lot of attention. Affectionate and faithful, he can be subject to various digestive disorders, as his stomach is quite sensitive. That's why, if you are a loving parent of a Chihuahua, we are going to explain to you how to feed him well in order to allow him to stay healthy as long as possible. We will also explain how to choose kibble for a Chihuahua so that your pet retains all its vitality .

What do you need to know about the Chihuahua's diet?

The Chihuahua weighs between 1.5 and 3 kg . Its life expectancy can go from 14 to 18 years if it receives good care as well as a good food . As a rule, you should know that this breed has great energy.

These small dogs burn calories much faster than other large or medium breeds . Its accelerated metabolism is compensated by its small stomach, which is essential to understand. In other words, the calorie burning process in the Chihuahua is very fast. It goes 3 times faster than in large dogs or medium dogs .

Yes, that's a lot of calories, but you shouldn't confuse the amount of energy expended with the amount of food you need to feed it. Because it's easy to assume that since they burn a lot of calories, they have to eat a lot, but that's not the case.

This is because Chihuahuas have small stomachs , and they just don't have the capacity to store that much food. You need to be mindful of how many calories your dog is burning and giving him the nutrients he needs.

How many calories per day for a Chihuahua?

An average 2.3 kilogram Chihuahua with moderate activity should consume about 200-250 calories per day. That's more than other small-breed dogs like Yorkshires , which need just 150 calories (25% less). In other words, Chihuahuas need 40-50 calories per pound of weight. You also have to take into account that Chihuahuas need a good amount of protein , that is, a dog food with at least 25% protein, and if it is an old dog , it will take more to strengthen his immune system .

How much kibble for a Chihuahua?

Below, discover the quantities of kibbles for your Chihuahua according to his age :

  • 1 month: 50g in 4 meals;
  • 2 months: 50g in 4 meals;
  • 3 months : 50g in 4 meals;
  • 4 months : 60g in 4 meals;
  • 5 months : 60g in 4 meals;
  • 6 months : 60g in 3 meals;
  • 7 months : 60g in 3 meals;
  • 8 months : 60g in 3 meals;
  • 9 months : 60g in 3 meals;
  • 10 months: 60g in 3 meals;
  • 11 months: 60g in 3 meals;
  • 12 months (adult age): 60g in 2 meals;
  • adult sterilized dog: 50g in 2 meals;
  • active dog: 80 g in 2 meals;
  • senior dog (9 years): 50g in 2 meals.

Which kibbles should I choose for my Chihuahua puppy?

For your Chihuahua puppy , the ideal is to choose Chihuahua puppy croquettes or junior croquettes . These croquettes contain a high level of protein to promote the growth of the puppy. In general, these are complete foods that provide all the nutrients necessary for the development of the dog. Remember to avoid choosing low-end kibble . Your dog's health is priceless, so opt for premium puppy croquettes that you will find in specialized stores or on specialized websites .

Which kibble should I choose for my adult Chihuahua?

The adult dog needs kibble adapted to his age and size. The Chihuahua is not prone to canine overweight or obesity . But, you should always watch your weight to avoid health problems. To feed an adult Chihuahua, opt for small kibbles which will facilitate digestion and which will also be much more adapted to the size of his teeth, his muzzle and his jaw . Do not hesitate to also give him wet food so that the dog hydrates while eating. And don't forget to always leave water available for your little canine friend .

Which kibble should I choose for my senior Chihuahua?

A small, older dog needs a diet more suited to his size, age and new lifestyle, which will necessarily be less active . Indeed, the senior dog sees his metabolism slow down and his level of activity decrease. It is therefore necessary to choose senior croquettes with high acceptance and palatability.

How to choose quality kibble for a Chihuahua?

Some problems with poor kibble quality are:

  • a dull colored coat;
  • a less shiny coat;
  • cavities;
  • jaw pain;
  • digestive disorders;
  • pathologies;
  • food allergies;
  • food intolerances.
  • The first thing to take into account when choosing kibbles for Chihuahua is the amount of protein, these must come from quality sources such as meat or fish. It is important to avoid by-products and choose only animal-based proteins such as chicken, turkey, duck, lamb, beef, bison, salmon, tuna, deer, etc. .

    Be aware that Chihuahuas suffer from hypoglycemia , so they should also be given a small amount of carbohydrates . Prefer white rice. On the other hand, fats must also be part of their diet, you can choose olive oil to offer them rich, but healthy food.

    Finally, certain fruits and vegetables are also important in this dog's diet , such as bananas, blueberries, carrots, pumpkin, and chickpeas. These elements provide it with vitamins , minerals and antioxidants. Do not hesitate to offer your Chihuahua a varied diet that will contain quality kibble , premium food and treats . By combining dry food and wet food , you will allow your dog to digest better.

    What foods should a Chihuahua avoid?

    Of course, there is a list of foods that every dog ​​should avoid, but in particular, avoid foods that contain too much flour , by -products , low-quality protein like junk, and foods with too much fat. corn, too much grain, too much gluten , too much coloring, too much corn gluten, too much wheat gluten, too much fat, too much sugar or too much salt. The Chihuahua needs whole foods and a balanced diet . If in doubt about your small dog's nutrition , consult your veterinarian . He will be able to answer all your questions in a personalized way about the food of your canine friend.

    What budget to feed a Chihuahua?

    As the Chihuahua is a very small dog , he does not eat large amounts of kibble every day. To feed your little canine friend for a month, you must plan a monthly budget which can range from 20 to 30 euros depending on the quality of the kibble chosen.

    We advise you not to buy cheap dry or wet food for your Chihuahua. Always choose premium quality foods to prevent your pet from suffering from digestive disorders or more serious health problems.

    Finally, consult a veterinarian if you have any doubts about your dog's diet. Type of food, quantity, meal times, this professional can answer all your questions so that you can feed your canine friend well to offer him a long and beautiful life by your side!

    Chihuahua dry food FAQ:

    • How to properly feed your Chihuahua?

    A Chihuahua's diet should allow him to eat both protein-rich kibble and meat-rich dog food. The combination of dry food and wet food will allow this small dog to digest better.

    • When should you feed your Chihuahua?

    The Chihuahua puppy must eat 4 times a day until the age of 6 months. Thereafter, it will be possible to give him 2 or more meals a day. As an adult, the Chihuahua dog can eat once in the morning and once in the evening.

    • Can you give ham to your Chihuahua?

    Ham is a fatty meat rich in fat and salt. By pushing the dog to drink a lot of water, it can cause a torsion of the stomach. For a Chihuahua, it is better to give more digestible meats such as lamb.

    • What vegetables can a Chihuahua eat?

    A Chihuahua also needs vegetables to boost its immune system. So you can give him peppers, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cooked cabbage and carrots.