Who are we ?

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Science, ethics and environment experts


Behavioral veterinarian recognized for his expertise and his commitment to the animal cause

Thierry practices his passion in his clinic in Ile-de-France. He is also a director of the Society for the Protection of Animals and founder of Agir pour la Vie Animale.

Thierry accompanies KOOKAPI in its research for another kind of nutrition that respects animal well-being and the environment.
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Sophie Lavallée

Graduated in Animal Sciences and Monogastric Nutrition

Sophie is an expert in Research & Development.

With more than 20 years of experience in animal nutrition, she now supports KOOKAPI in the formulation of innovative recipes.
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Benjamin ENAULT

CSR expert

For more than 20 years, Benjamin has helped organizations meet the environmental and social challenges of our time. As director, he contributed to having Utopies certified as the first BCorp in France.

It guides us in the implementation of virtuous practices that meet societal and environmental requirements.
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